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Spring 2020 Finalists

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Meet Visualisd: a fully automated entertainment system controllable via your iphone that analyzes music to create real time light shows.

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Cartu is a platform that connects drivers traveling with empty seats and passengers looking for long-distance rides.

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CollaboRoute is a collaborative travel planning and booking app that makes group travel simpler for students.

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QuickMatch is a platform that matches high school students to meaningful, personalized internships based on their specific interests and goals

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Meet Tidbit. The first achievement network. Simply build your profile, share your achievements the second they happen and compete with your friends for your place on our network leaderboard.

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Infinity Cosmetics

Infinity cosmetics uses a proprietary production processes to produce make-up that is the exact color you need.

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Aurora Medical Systems

Aurora Medical Systems is revolutionizing skin cancer visualization. Our proprietary imaging technology enables surgeons to perform tissue conserving surgery faster, cheaper, and more effectively.



Mode is revolutionizing e-shopping. The Mode App takes users' measurements and allows them to shop for clothes online with their favorite brands without comprising fit.

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LifeWire is an application that connects people to medically certified individuals in the area during times of emergencies. 

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Hystoco is an energy storage solutions provider that is using hydrogen storage to bring us towards a greener future.

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UniFunded is a crowdinvesting platform with the goal of making the fundraising process easier and more streamlined for college startups

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